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Type of Organisation
Engineering Consultancy

Employer Profile

Dedicated to sustainable development, Arup is a collective of designers, consultants and experts working globally.


Founded to be both humane and excellent, we collaborate with our clients and partners using imagination, technology, and rigour to shape a better world.


A future with purpose. How will you shape yours?

Picture a career filled with purpose where every day, you come to work with people who care about each other, strengthen the resilience of communities, and explore new ways to solve the world’s most complex problems.


You can take your career on endless pathways and work overseas to experience other cultures. Every day, your curiosity and courage accelerate positive change.


Start your journey in one of Arup’s Early Career Programmes, enabling you to gain valuable skills that will set you apart as you launch your career.

Locations where there are vacancies for graduates 
We hire graduates and interns across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


Our opportunities in Australia span across:

Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Cairns, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Sunshine Coast and Townsville.

Residency requirements for Graduates wishing to apply

In Australia, our early careers programmes are open to:

  • Australian Citizens

  • Australian Permanent Residents

  • New Zealand Citizens

  • Candidates with full, unrestricted working rights (this includes international students who will hold a graduate visa at the time of commencement).


Roles available for Graduates

Working across disciplines and drawing on diverse voices is an essential part of who we are. 

We hire graduates across many disciplines, including acousticians, materials specialists, geotechnical engineers, sustainability consultants, energy specialists – and many more.


Our Programme offers the opportunity to learn from industry-leading professionals, work on city-shaping projects and join our mission for a safer, sustainable, more resilient future.

Your ideas and fresh thinking can help solve the future climate resilience, biodiversity, and social challenges we face in a rapidly changing world. 

Learn more about our diverse teams, disciplines, services and projects here.

Degree Subjects Required for Graduates wishing to apply

We hire graduates from a wide range of degrees, some of which include:

  • Engineering (all disciplines)

  • Science (Environmental Science, Data Science, Marine Science, Physics, Psychology, Geology)

  • Technology (Information Technology, Games Development, Computer Science

  • Planning and Surveying (Urban Design, Urban Planning, Transport Planning)

  • Design & Architecture

  • Business (Economics and Finance, Project Management & Consulting)

  • And many more!


We welcome and encourage candidates from all backgrounds as well as people living with disability and provide workplace adjustments.


We create spaces where everyone feels seen and included and able to perform at their best. We take an approach to flexible working that supports the diversity and wellbeing of our graduates.

Employer Website


What do recent graduates say are the best things about working with us?

"Fantastic team of people, intellectually challenging work with opportunities to solve real world problems."

"Being able to work on large infrastructure projects, access to expertise in a range of disciplines, working culture, training and personal development, interesting work, opportunities to travel globally."

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