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Australian Government Agency/Audit

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The ANAO seeks to improve public sector performance and accountability through independent reporting on Australian Government administration to the Parliament, the Executive and the public. We provide an independent view of the performance and financial management of Australian Government entities, and help to ensure that Australia's public administration is accountable to Parliament and to the public it serves.

As well as financial audits, we also conduct performance audits and assurance reviews, highlighting areas where improvements can be made to benefit all Australians. Our work has real, immediate impacts on government programs, policies, projects, systems and reporting.

With the ANAO Graduate Program, you’ll see what other grads don’t. You’ll have the opportunity to work on audits across a range of federal government agencies and entities, covering topics like health and social services, international relations, aged care, national parks and wildlife, finance and tax, Indigenous affairs, national security, science, education and training, agriculture, regional and remote Australia, communication, environment, energy, and much more!

You’ll develop a real understanding of what goes on behind policy decisions and learn to give independent analysis and advice on the management of federal government agencies. Your work will contribute to government administration, and you’ll work across a range of federal government agencies and entities, getting the big picture of how government works. Why work with one agency when you can work with them all?

Applications for the 2018 Graduate Program will be open from 6 February 2017 to 2 April 2017.

Locations where there are vacancies for graduates 



Residency requirements for Graduates wishing to apply

Australian Citizens Only


Roles available for Graduates

Assurance Audit, Performance Audit, IT Audit


Degree Subjects Required for Graduates wishing to apply

At the ANAO, we need people with a whole range of different skills, not just people with accounting qualifications. If your degree requires great conceptual and analytical abilities, strong communication and writing skills and demonstrates your desire to achieve, we’re looking for you!

So if you have, or are about to complete, a degree in almost any discipline—like Arts, Management, Law, Social Sciences, Public Administration, Commerce, Economics, Communication, Accounting, Finance and Information Technology—we’d like to hear from you. 

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Comments from Current Graduates

All of the comments below are anonymously written by current graduates.

Opportunity to learn about Federal Government processes and exposure to many different agencies. Opportunity to travel for work.

Challenging work, and a variety of topics/subjects to work on.

Strong learning and development opportunities for all staff, appreciate graduate/junior staff, assist global partners in developing more transparent reporting.


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