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Type of Organisation

Digital Technology Business


Employer Profile

Don’t let our name fool you – we might have the word “car” in there, but we’re so much more. We’re a digital business that lives for making buying and selling a great experience for our customers.


We started out with the idea of digitising print classifieds back in 1997 when we thought that ‘this internet thing might actually be starting to take off’. Fast forward to today and we’re an ASX 100 business and a global leader in digital marketplaces – with over 1300 talented people working across Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, China, the US, Malaysia and Thailand.


Our business may have grown and evolved significantly over the past couple of decades, but the core of what we’re about hasn’t really changed at all – it’s our purpose.


Our people are Software Developers. Engineers. Product Managers. Data Analysts. Designers. Sales, Media and Advertising specialists. Researchers. Customer Service stars. Content Producers. Finance experts. Photographers. Marketing magicians. Legal eagles. And People and Culture peeps.

Locations where there are vacancies for graduates 
Our autonomy to choose model means all our team members including graduates have the option to choose a location of work that suits them best. This may be in an office (three or more days a week), hybrid (one or two days a week in an office) or anywhere (rarely if ever in an office).

Residency requirements for Graduates wishing to apply

All Candidates Considered including International Students


Roles available for Graduates

Technology Graduates

Degree Subjects Required for Graduates wishing to apply

IT/ Computer Science Degrees only.

Employer Website


What do recent graduates say are the best things about working with us?

"Great people, real roles and responsibility, many opportunities for development and progression and most importantly work life balance for everyone at carsales."

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