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    Type of Organisation

    Mining Company

    Employer Profile

    Newcrest is the largest gold producer listed on the Australian Securities Exchange

    and one of the world’s largest gold mining companies.    


    We are committed to supporting a safe, diverse and inclusive culture where our

    talents and differences are valued. With Newcrest, you get to discover why and

    channel your energy, ideas, and enthusiasm towards achieving outcomes that help

    shape the world we live in today.    We’re not just a run-of-the-mill mining company;

    we do much more than simply find and extract gold (although we’re proud to say

    that we’re pretty good at that!). We’re a passionate bunch of explorers, thought leaders, innovators, collaborators, and problem-solvers, with an attitude that’s all about the can-do. We believe that 1+1 should always equal greater than 2, which is why we relish a challenge to push the boundaries and achieve the impossible for a brighter future.


    Locations where there are vacancies for graduates 

    Regional NSW, Orange NSW, Perth WA, Pilbara WA, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane Qld


    Residency requirements for Graduates wishing to apply

    All Candidates Considered including International Students


    Roles available for Graduates 

    Mining Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Civil & Geotechnical Engineering, Metallurgy & Chemical Engineering, Mine Surveying, Automation & Robotics, Control Systems Engineering, Computer & Data Science, Environmental


    Degree subjects required for Graduates wishing to apply

    Various Engineering degrees; Mining Engineering degrees; Mechatronics, Automation & Robotics degrees; Geoscience, Early Sciences, Geology & Geophysics degrees; IT & computer science degrees; Spatial & Geospatial science; Metallurgy & Chemical Engineering degrees.


    Employer Website


    What do recent graduates say are the best things about working with us?

    "The content of my work, the opportunities I have been given - both technical learnings and leadership opportunities. I have grown significantly as an engineer in the past year."

    "Every day is different, I have a lot of responsibility in my rotations - which has helped me learn a lot and develop my confidence. They are also very supportive and empower me as a young female on a minesite."

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