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Type of Organisation

QBE is an international insurer and reinsurer listed on the Australian Securities Exchange

and headquartered in Sydney. 

Employer Profile

Leveraging our deep expertise and insights, QBE offers commercial, personal and

specialty products and risk management solutions to help people and businesses manage

risks, build strength and embrace change to their advantage. 


Locations where there are vacancies for Graduates 

Sydney, Australia


Residency requirements for Graduates wishing to apply

Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents only

Roles available for Graduates 

Our graduate program streams may change slightly year on year, but you can typically expect to find Finance, Actuarial, Risk, Technology, Data Analytics, Insurance Underwriting, and Business Transformation graduate roles available.


Degree Subjects Required for Graduates wishing to apply

While some of our graduate program streams require a technical field of study, for example, Actuarial and Data Analytics, other program streams are open to degrees of all disciplines, for example, insurance underwriting and transformation. Check the job advertisements for each program stream for eligibility criteria.  


Employer Website  

What do recent graduates say are the best things about working with us?

"The rotational aspect, getting broad as well as specific exposure to numerous interesting aspects of the business. Getting to own pieces of work as a graduate is also amazing. The feeling of support and that there are people looking out for my best interests" 


"The most positive things about the graduate program have been cultural acceptance, inclusivity, flexible work, career opportunities and remuneration"

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