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There's no better way to start your Graduate career than at SEEK.


Our purpose is to help people live more fulfilling and productive working

lives and help organisations succeed. Our team is proud of our results,

but more than that, we are proud of the way we achieve them. Innovation,

creativity and passion drives us. We challenge the status quo and retain

the entrepreneurial spirit which drove our early success.


As a SEEK graduate, you'll be making tangible impacts to real business

problems to support our purpose, while being coached and prepared to

become a future leader. Our Graduate Programs have been designed to

\accelerate your career. Offering an exceptional foundation, where you will

enhance your analytical and problem-solving skills, and gain hands-on operational experience. You will rapidly grow professionally, and immediately experience the impact your work makes on fellow SEEKers and our customers. When you finish, the pathways are endless. You’ll be a well-rounded and trusted advisor and as a permanent employee from the beginning, you’ll have access to roles across the business. Curious? Good – that’s exactly what we look for.


Locations where there are vacancies for graduates 



Residency requirements for Graduates wishing to apply

All candidates considered including international students.


Roles available for Graduates 

Strategy & Operations, Software & Engineering.

Degree subjects required for Graduates wishing to apply

All degrees eligible.

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What do recent graduates say are the best things about working with us?

"Everyone is always happy to help out whether its professional or not, and we get to have huge flexibility in the rotations that we do (something unlikely in other organisations), especially as we're able to almost curate a role you want by yourself. We get given just the right amount of challenge and responsibility to develop optimally whilst maintaining a good balance with work life balance, and the problems we get to work on are very stimulating.."

"Ever-learning position and SEEK has tons of talented and knowledgeable staff for me to learn from"


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